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Started by itistoday, May 20, 2023, 11:01:57 AM

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Hi guys!

As most of you are aware, no one has heard from Lutz in a while, and the old forums were in a state of disarray (outdated software, no HTTPS, spam, etc.). So I offered to help, and Ryon graciously agreed to help with the transfer.

Welcome to the new forums! :D

No one knows what the future holds for Lutz' amazing programming language, but it's becoming clear that its future is in the hands of the community now. So if you'd like to step up and help improve newLISP, here you'll find a welcoming community to help.

Regarding the forum migration - the importer was good but not perfect. Some links are kinda broken. Your profile info might need updating. If there's anything you'd like to make sure got imported, please check the old forums and repost your work here if necessary.

Notes on how to convert links you come across:

Converting links

Let's say you're browsing and see a link that looks like this:

Take the value after `t` and convert it like so:


Same here, just ignore the `f` parameter:


Post links

Links to individual posts within a thread are a bit harder because phpBB excludes the topic ID from the URL:

But if you happen to know it, this is how they're mapped:


Need anything?

Any questions/comments/concerns? Let us know!
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