new module for SMTPS (secure SMTP)

Started by itistoday, February 05, 2023, 08:12:07 PM

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Hi folks, I've released a new module for the Dragonfly framework to handle sending email using the wonderful `msmtp` command, allowing Dragonfly to send SMTPS emails, and it uses the exact same API as the existing smtpx.lsp API:"> ... /msmtp.lsp">


Also - I'm offering to host newlisp forums if you guys (and Lutz) would like me to. Here's an example of the forums I already host:">

Advantages: no spam (*cross-fingers*) and HTTPS!

Disadvantages: might not contain the history of these forums, as it doesn't make sense to import a polluted forum.
Get your Objective newLISP groove on.



newlisp deserves a modern and functional forum.