Read-Eval-Print Loop with newLISP/Tk

Started by Wolf-Dieter Busch, January 08, 2023, 12:58:21 AM

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Wolf-Dieter Busch

Tcl/Tk provides easy GUI creation. Connection between newLISP and Tcl/Tk is done via pipe. See my souped-down Script tk.lsp:">//

Because standard I/O is connected to the pipe, no read-eval-print loop via keyboard possible. So I have done an emulation via Tcl/Tk. Newlisp script rep.lsp calls Tcl script rep.tcl:">//">//

Plaintext description in German:">//

Feel free to try it out. Bug report welcome!

Update -- wrong target corrected for rep.tcl; from now on errneous lisp statements trigger a Tcl/Tk message.