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Started by S_Ghost, November 25, 2022, 10:32:49 PM

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Hello All, my first post in the forum.  I have recently fallen in love with the simplicity, approach, excellent documentation, and power of newLISP.  I am seriously contemplating using it moving forward with my data analysis projects.  Currently developing in C, D, Basic, and Java.  Being new to the community is newLISP receiving regular updates and being kept in good order by a volunteer team, or is it only a single person (and what happens if that person can no longer provide the required updates).  I ask this because before I invest much time and sweat in developing in the language I am hoping that its future is somewhat secure.  I would be willing to contribute once I get a bit more up to speed myself.  Thank you in advance for your kind opinions and thoughts.  S_Ghost ~ 25 NOV 2022.



You may read this thread:">

Since newLISP is open-source you can do work on it under the given license.




Thank you Hans-Peter.  Greatly appreciate your reply and the link.  I wish Lutz the best.  He is clearly of great intellect and has developed a real gem.

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S Ghost