non functioning on Windows 2000

Started by jgb, November 16, 2002, 07:29:21 AM

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Both and freewrap53.tar.gz, which are the latest stable release on Sourcerforge, unpack perfectly for me using Winzip or Tar on Linux.



Something of a mystery about the compression. I downloaded the zlib file that freewrap recommends at the same time and encountered no problems.

I used PowerArchiver (used to be freeware) and Debian gzip and tar which refuse to recognise the file.

However, to return to newlisp. Your version of freewrap runs on my Windows 2000 system as freestanding wish with no apparent problems. I'm going to try to repack the newlisp system to see if that removes any difficulties.

This might take a bit of experimentation since your source package doesn't include the bwidget directory. I have a collection that ought to do for testing but the location in which it should be placed is not entirely clear. Perhaps it would be a good idea to include the files in proper structure in the source distribution.


I just uploaded BWidget-1.3.1.tar.gz into"> . Just for testing you could take out '-f bwidget.txt' in the file 'make-wrapped-exe.bat' . The program line including the BWidget package in 'newlisp-tk.tcl' is commented out by default, so You don't have to touch that file when you exclude BWidgets from wrapping.

The fact that you can produce a functioning 'wish' app with freewrap tells us that at least Tcl/Tk using freewrap runs OK.

I wonder how all this is coming out and I appreciate your efforts very much in helping to find the cause of this.



I've got the wrapping to the point that the newlisp tcl is starting to execute but I don't have the directory structure and file references correct so as soon as it tries to load the first image (openImg c. line 300) the wish console complains that it can't find /freewrap/images.

It isn't clear to me where the image and bwidget directories should be place with respect to the freewrap and newlisp tcl sources and I'm not yet clear about how the wrap files are referenced. It looks from the freewrap documentation as though these references should be absolute (sans drive letter) while the freewrap utility itself will find files listed in image.txt and bwidget.txt by relative paths.

In any case I suspect the package would all work correctly if properly wrapped. Because of the difficulities with unzipping archives, I'm wondering if there might be some problem in going from unix/linux to windows that I'm overlooking - something that is introducing an error in one or more of the compressed files. It isn't something I've encountered before this however.



Expand into a directory called freewrap in root of your current drive. Then put the following files and get:



c:freewrapimages           the whole directory with contents


you also have in there from the freewrap package expansion:


c:freewrapfreewrap.exe     this contains alls the Tcl/Tk libs

forget about bwidget for now its already outcommented in newlisp-tk.tcl by default. If you want to wrap it too then put it as follows and edit the newlisp-tk.tcl file so the bwidget reference is not outcommented:


c:bwidget  the directory in to root of your drive

You can make different arrangements when editing images.txt and bwidget.txt.

Now in the freewrap directory execute the file make-wrapped-exe.bat

BTW, I am doing fine without drive letters and forward slashes in images.txt and bwidget.txt.

Good luck



I have finally succeeded in wrapping the packages, apparently successfully, and newlisp-tk seems to be working properly and displaying windows on command.

I haven't yet set this up as you describe with everything to be wrapped put in a top level directory. I used a lower level directory and absolute paths in image.txt, newlisp.config, etc. I'll probably set it up properly shortly but it seems to be working this way as well.

[Incidentally, if you do much work on Windows there is a very convenient utility called CopyPath which adds some items to the Explorer context menu that allow copying to the clipboard of the short and long paths to the selected file or directory. It's obtainable through"> and is one of the most useful bits of kit I have encountered. On my system the installation,  purely by .inf file, reports unsuccessful installation but it works anyway.]

The less happy news is that I downloaded the newlisp installer on another computer (Windows XP) to see whether this might make any difference and have had the same behaviour as for W98 and W2000. Seems to imply that there is something amiss with your version of the newlisp-tk exe. Perhaps wrapping it again on another computer and comparing the two files would turn up something.

I notice that in your newlisp-tk documentation you suggest looking at various books for an introduction to tcl/tk. The best introduction I've encountered is a programme called TclTutor,"> .


I am happy you finally got it working, but very curious, why the released installer does'nt work for you.

I wonder if you have the time to grep older versions of newLISP from the Sourceforge repository. This way we can find out, if something changed on the way, if older versions run on your system. At or around version 6.5.12 I changed from a Cygwin based Windows version to a natively compiled version using Borland C++ 5.5. But then again, on the Tcl/Tk part nothing substantial has changed since then, and you seem to have problems only with the Tcl/Tk frontend but not newlisp.exe itself.

On Windows I am working mostly in a Cygwin shell, that allows me to use the recursive version of the Unix copy command 'cp'.

On my computers I have not been able to reproduce the TclTk problem you are observing. Unfortunately I need to know where it broke in order to fix it :)

About the TclTk tutor, just downloaded it, seems to be very nice. Something other folks on this board could also try. I will include a link in the next doc udate.



I ran newlisp_6314_win-tk-072 and newlisp_6523_win-tk-092 from sourceforge (earliest and next to latest) apparently with no difficulties. Since newlisp-tk 7 runs on my system after rewrapping, I think there must merely be some minor problem in the wrapped version of your distribution.

But of course my insight is not always perfect - the problem I had with decompressing freewrap from sourceforge was merely because I downloaded one of the intermediate html pages and labelled it .zip.


Interesting detail, I would have expected the same behaviour of the frontend in 6.5.23 and 7.0.1. What version of freewrap are you using, which produces a working version for you? I want to move to 5.4 for the next release. Freewrap 5.4 was just released a couple of days ago.



I used the one you sent me, 5.1 I think in order to try to have a package as close to the one you used as possible.

I'll probably try 5.4 shortly.


I just copied my newlisp directory tree from my XP system over to a Win2k

server and ran tk-lisp.exe and all my TK test code ran just fine ?

No install, no DLLS just streight up copy and run :)
Bob the Caveguy aka Lord High Fixer.