newLisp compile to webassembly (newlisp-js)

Started by iNPRwANG, February 11, 2018, 07:11:38 PM

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Use this makefile can compile newLisp to newlisp-js in emscripten v1.37 by enable webassembly support.

Notice of the  "-s WASM=1" option let the emscripten generate webassembly, and should use the " -s EXTRA_EXPORTED_RUNTIME_METHODS='["ccall", "cwrap"]' " for function exporting (the "ccall" and "cwrap" not export by default in emscripten version above 1.3)

The approximate performance about webassembly enabled newlisp-js is 5% faster than asm.js version (tested in Firefox 58.0.1), and the total file size is less than the asm.js version about 20%.

# makefile for newLISP v. 10.5.x and after with UTF8 support for the Emscripten SDK
# With Emscripten version v1.22.0 all execption handling related problems
# known have been solved. (November 2014)
# see also:
# Uses custom random() and srandom() in nl-filesys.c
# Does not implement the newLISP functions:
# semaphore, net-packet, net-service, fork, spawn, sync, abort
# Will not do file and network I/O functions in the sandboxed JavaScript
# environment
# Generates newlisp-js-lib.js and newlisp-js-lib.html.
# The html file can be discarded use newlisp-js/newlisp-js.html instead
# this makefile has been tested on a MAC OSX 10.9/10 platforms

OBJS = newlisp.o nl-symbol.o nl-math.o nl-list.o nl-liststr.o nl-string.o nl-filesys.o
 nl-sock.o nl-web.o nl-xml-json.o nl-matrix.o nl-debug.o pcre.o nl-utf8.o unix-lib.o


CC = emcc

default: $(OBJS)
 cp qa-specific-tests/qa-bench newlisp-js
 cp modules/canvas.lsp newlisp-js
 $(CC) $(OBJS) -m32 -O2 -s WASM=1 -o newlisp-js-lib.html -s EXPORTED_FUNCTIONS="['_newlispEvalStr']"
 -s EXTRA_EXPORTED_RUNTIME_METHODS='["ccall", "cwrap"]'
 -s TOTAL_MEMORY=33554432 --closure 1
 --embed-file newlisp-js/readme.txt --embed-file newlisp-js/qa-bench --embed-file newlisp-js/canvas.lsp
 rm newlisp-js/qa-bench newlisp-js/canvas.lsp

 $(CC) -O2 --closure 1 $(CFLAGS) $<

$(OBJS): primes.h protos.h makefile_emscripten_lib_utf8


Thanks, it is now included in the distribution as 'makefile_emscripten_wasm_utf8' here:"> ... nprogress/">