Documentation improvements

Started by xificurC, July 11, 2017, 12:14:19 AM

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There are some minor inconsistencies in the docs, namely:

[*]the Cilk API part here"> ... .html#cilk"> says the commands are available on windows, whereas each function (spawn, sync and abort) state "The function {func} is not available on Windows". So which one is true? :)

  • [*]the first example here"> has some weird output shown.
    (exec "ls *.c") → ("." ".." "util.c" "")
  • [/list]

    I would fix the docs myself if I knew where to do it and if it's publicly editable, or open to PRs/patches.

    One more off topic question - is there a place newlispers hang out? The IRC channel seems pretty empty and I can't find anything else.


    thanks for the documentation corrections:"> ... .html#cilk">">