GUI-server showing list of thumbnails?

Started by bebalo, May 16, 2016, 02:58:57 PM

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Is there a way to use a kind of "gs:list-box" showing not only text but also

one thumbnail per list-item?

I want to show the contents of a directory that contains

images (jpeg/png), showing each item in that directory as a

combination of (thumbnail + filename) per list-item.  The thumbnails

being used as a kind of "preview" to the images stored on disk.

Selecting one of the list items would give me a chance to do some

actions on the selected image file.

I'm using

newLISP v.10.6.2 64-bit on Linux (LMDE2=debian) IPv4/6 UTF-8

I am fairly new to the newLISP-GUI-server and still learning . . .

Thanks for reading