Inspector v.0.4: Remote Inspector

Started by hartrock, February 11, 2016, 01:21:03 PM

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  • [*] Inspector's webserver for serving RI's GUI runs as a newLISP process, to be started by the user (it's a standalone webserver not needing more software);

  • [*] RI's GUI is running inside a browser window with Javascript;

  • [*] RI's remote is a newLISP process to be visualized and controlled by RI's GUI.
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    A screenshot says more than many words:">Remote Inspector: debugging session.

  • [*] interaction with,

  • [*] introspection of, and

  • [*] control of this remote.
  • [/list]

    [*] Interaction: remote console mimicking a newLISP interpreter shell inside a terminal;
  • [*] introspection: remote's symbols will be shown in symbols view and updated after each evaluation;

  • [*] control:

    [*] start: with startup CLI arguments,

  • [*] termination: SIGTERM, SIGKILL, and

  • [*] interruption: SIGINT.
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    For more details see:">

    Project page:">

    Feedback is appreciated.


    This looks quite interesting! I'll give it a try when I update to the new release.

    Thanks for releasing it!
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