How to delete rows,columns and table's?

Started by fdb, December 16, 2013, 02:00:07 PM

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How can i delete rows and/or columns in a gs:table? there seems to be only the option to add them..or am i missing something?  Furthermore i cannot delete a gs:table when i try to do so with gs:dispose i get the message

dispose cannot be applied to MAIN:row-table


Only entire containers created with gs:window, gs:frame and gs:dialog can be used with gs:dispose - this has now been added to the documentation.

At the moment there is no API to delete table rows or columns. For other dialog components use gs:remove-from, or use gs:delete-tag to remove 2D drawn objects.

Se also:">


Thx for the reply, i'll dispose the frame and rebuilt it after i've recalculated the UI.

I also saw there seemed to be  no option to have a table without column headers, but you can actually achieve this with an empty string "" as the column header so
(gs:table 'row-table 'gs:no-action "" "") will give you a table with two columns but you don't see the column header.


Currently when adding columns using gs:table-add-column, the column number will be added as a label when specifying an empty string.

In the next version of guiserver.jar the header will be suppressed if an empty string is used with gs:table-add-column. This will make it possible to add columns to header-less tables created with a gs:table statement using empty string headers.

See:"> ... nprogress/">


Great! Are you also planning to add the ability to delete rows and columns? At the moment i dispose  the frame and then recalc and recreate the frame , which doesn't matter too much because i have to recalc  all the tables (6) anyway but it does of course means flickering.


Hi , i've added the ability to delete rows and columns in a table in a build i made in 10.5.4

I have added the following methods to

methods.put("table-remove-row", "tableRemoveRow"); //deleting of a row
methods.put("table-set-column-name", "tableSetColumnIdentifiers");//add/delete/update
methods.put("table-set-rows", "tableSetRowCount"); //adding /deleting rows

and implemented them in

Then i've coded the new functions in newlisp in guiserver.lsp.

After compiling the java stuff and make /make build, everything seems to work!

I was surprised how easy this was and am very impressed by the documentation and the clean code, everything 'just works' ;-)

Be aware that i'm not a professional programmer so who knows what errors I made but if Lutz is interested i'll be more then happy to share my code to include this in future versions.


Thanks very much fdb.

You can package, guiserver.lsp and table-demo.lsp into a .zip or a .tgz file and mail it to me at or publish the files else if you prefer.

Keep the description in guiserver.lsp short but add buttons and input to table-demo.lsp showing the new functionality. This way people have an example to work off and it also can be used to test the new functionality.


Thanks very much.">ไพ่ออนไลน์