Save newLisp program as bytecode

Started by ale870, December 18, 2008, 05:40:43 AM

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I know that newLisp compile (byte-code ) the source code.

Is there any way to save this bytecode, in order to load it later, without recompiling it?

More: I need to "hide" the program (not newLisp app, but my app made in newLisp self), since I need to distribute it. Can you suggest me a way to do this?

(I wish to avoid reverse engineering my newLisp code).

Thank you.


No answers here - I can't see any mention of byte-code anywhere....


Yes I see... but I think that a way to save precompiled code and another way to avoid reverse engineering could be useful too.


This also does a simple encryption of the source when linking:"> ... ml#linking">


Thank you Lutz, this could be a good solution.

Is there any way to make such link and execute another script during execution?

For example I could encrypt source code with a strong password, then I link it to the executable, but I need to decrypt it before running.


Look into the file link.lsp. Its not a strong scheme, just enough to deter the casual non-programmer user. Anybody knowing newLISP and looking into link.lsp will be able to unlock the linked source.


Thank you!

I will modify it to accept a user input as a password to decrypt newlisp file ;-)