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Yes! That works well now. Thank you. What was wrong with the code?
@vashushpanov Thank you for the script! 🙏

I just tried to run your script on a file that I wanted to clean up. Sadly there was zero output.
I'm running newLISP v.10.7.5 64-bit on Linux IPv4/6 UTF-8, so maybe the regex you use in the script need to be updated? I get no error messages - just zero output!
Is there one hiding somewhere? I searched this Forum and the Home site w/o any luck.
Quote from: vetelko post_id=25208 time=1677613210 user_id=1218
It is so sad for me even some people consider newlisp mature and done.

I agree! Maybe you and itistoday can partner up and take over this forum and hopefully the codebase as well. Maybe a github fork? Anyway, I sure hope that Lutz is alive and well and not a COVID victim or some such.

I'm not a proficient with newLisp, but still carry a soft spot for it.
newLISP in the real world / $HOME/.init.lsp
May 09, 2022, 09:15:00 PM
What should I have in this file?

Having issues loading modules.

Have to do for example:

(load (append (env "NEWLISPDIR")"/modules/cgi.lsp"))

Can this be done in the ~/.init.lsp file?

TIA ...
newLISP in the real world / Code Lisp-ish enough??
April 29, 2021, 07:19:34 AM
Getting back to Lisp and family ...

Using a temperature converting utility as a starting point.

Is my code here:">

Lisp-ish enough! To me it doesn't seem much different than my similar renditions in Free Pascal or Icon.
Not for me anyway!


newLISP v.10.7.1 64-bit on Windows IPv4/6 UTF-8 libffi, options: newlisp -h

> (load "guiserver.lsp")

(lambda (gs:id gs:action) (net-send gs:out (string "frame-resized " gs:id " " gs:action  "n")))

@Hans-Peter    Thanks!  I'll check into it further!  In the meantime, I have been "Ending the Task" using Windoze Task Manager.  I appreciate your input!
I've been running newlisp  -http -d8080  etc etc

I haven't anything in the manual that indicates how to gracefully shutdown newlisp in daemon mode on a windows box.
Problem solved!

I configured Apache to run as a reverse proxy on a sub-directory to my cgi-bin containing newlisp scripts. I run newlisp as -http -d 8080 -w <fullpathtocgi-binnewLISP>

In Apache httpd.conf, simply load:

and insert the following directive in the same file:

<Location "/cgi-bin/newLISP/">
      ProxyPass  ""

Cigars and joy all around!!!  :-)
I've got TMP/tmp/temp set in so many places that all hell wont have it. BTW I never get this bleeding tmp issue with any other script.
Yeah!  I realized that you meant me!   I was just trying to be civil and say "No $%%^^* way!!"  LOL  And Lutz does have better things to do! Thanks - I will fiddle with it as and when the mood hits me.  Good luck yourself!
@rickyboy  You know - I'm thinking that Lutz has already wasted enough time looking into this issue. If there were hundreds of folks using newlisp on Apache, it might then be a worthwhile investment of time.  I'm sure that the folks at Apache would pretty much feel the same way!  How many people are they aware of that use Apache to run newlisp scripts.  I'm sure they couldn't be bothered.

How's the song go? "You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, Know when to walk away and know when to run. "  Maybe that time is come.  I'll pick at it now and then, but let's not waste anymore time.  I thought the solution might be simple, and already solved. But there I went thinking again!  LOL   Thanks anyway!  Everybody ....
@Lutz Thanks for all the trouble you went through!!  Unfortunately, after doing all your recommendations, nothing changed!  No Cigars!!  I still get the same response from Apache:

Quote[Fri Mar 29 09:35:53.040187 2019] [http:error] [pid 10048:tid 1076] [client] AH02429: Response header name 'Environment variable TMP not set, assuming /tmp .Content-Type' contains invalid characters, aborting request

I keep wondering if it is not an Apache issue, but that question quickly fades away because I never get that response from any other interpreter!  So it must be something that "print" or "println" is emitting?  Maybe UTF8?